Incoming Student I.T. Checklist


Go to and use our ID Photo Self Submission page to get your ID started. Log on with your McDaniel username and password and follow the step by step instructions.

  1. The picture must be in color
  2. Use a plain, light color background.
  3. Don’t wear hats, sunglasses, jewelry or garments that obstruct the view of your face.
  4. Eye glasses should be worn if normally worn.
  5. Eyes should be open and looking at the camera.
  6. Your head and neck should be centered in the frame taking up approximately one-third to one-half of the center.
  7. There should be a small space between your head and the top of the image.
  8. Your head should be positioned directly facing the camera.

Your McDaniel1Card will be ready for pick-up at the I.T. Help Desk in Hoover Library 3 business days after you submit your photo.

Microsoft Office 365

To download the Microsoft Office Suite that comes free with your Office 365 account, go to Use your McDaniel College email address and password.

Computer Discounts

You can use your McDaniel email address to take advantage of discounted pricing from Apple and Dell. The Apple Store site: The Dell Store site:

We recommend a minimum of 8GB of RAM on all new machines; 16GB is ideal for optimum performance.

Computer Minimum Requirements

Your Windows computer should run Windows 10. Your Mac laptop must able to run at least Mac OS 10.12 Sierra.

Antivirus Software

Other antivirus apps are acceptable, but we recommend these free products for protection from viruses, Trojans, and other malware.

For Mac OS: Sophos Home

Windows 10 has Windows Defender built in, which is an acceptable antivirus.

Tech Items to Bring

  • An ethernet cable (Cat. 5 or better, approx. 10 ft. or longer)
  • Laptop security cable (for your room)

You should also bring documentation for your computer and other devices (Operating System restoration discs, warranty information, etc.) Note: Network routers are not allowed (wired or wireless) on campus.

Password Management

McDaniel College uses ReACT for password management online. You must register to be able to use this service. ReACT offers the option to setup an alternate email or cell phone number to which a one-time PIN can be sent for identity verification should you need to reset your password.

In order to use the new system, you first have to set up your security questions and, if desired, your alternate contact information. To do that, go to, click on “Go to Setup Tool” under “New User Setup”, and follow the prompts. For a quick tutorial that walks you through the process, check out this YouTube video: