Every campus computer has a standard set of software applications. Lab and classroom computers often have addtional software based on location and/or how the room is used. Requests for software not part of the standard installation should be sent to the HelpDesk.

The following table shows what software is currently available on campus computers.

Note: All Mac computers come with iMovie, GarageBand, iPhoto, Keynote, Pages, and Numbers.


Software Mac/


Labs Classroom Per Request/
May Require
License Purchase
MS Office Suite  
Access W Yes All Yes  
Excel M & W Yes All Yes  
OneNote M & W Yes All Yes  
Outlook M & W Yes All Yes  
PowerPoint M & W Yes All Yes  
Publisher W Yes All Yes  
Word M & W Yes All Yes  
Other Microsoft Applications  
MS Project W       Yes
MS Visio W       Yes
Adobe Creative Cloud          
Acrobat Pro M & W   All    
Bridge M & W   All    
Dreamweaver M & W   All    
Fireworks M & W   Graphics    
Flash M & W   Graphics    
Illustrator M & W   All    
InDesign M & W   All    
Photoshop M & W   All    
Other Software  
Alice3     Math/CS    
ArcGIS     Merritt 101    
Audacity     All    
BookWright     Graphics    
Camtasia M & W   CIT   Yes
ComicLife 3 M   Math/CS    
Corel Painter M   Graphics    
Fetch     Math/CS    
Final Cut Pro M   Math/CS   Yes
Finale M   MIDI   Yes
Fractographer M   Math/CS    
Fugu M   Math/CS    
GarageBand M Yes Math/CS    
GeoGebra     Math/CS, Merritt 101    
GIMP     Math/CS    
iMovie M Yes All Mac Labs    
Keynote M Yes All Mac Labs    
LaTeXiT     Math/CS    
LifeLab     Math/CS    
Mathematica     Math/CS, Physics    
MathType     Math/CS, Physics    
MS Project W       Yes
MS Visio W       Yes
MySQL     Math/CS    
NetBeans     Windows    
Numbers M Yes All Mac Labs    
OmniGraffle M   Math/CS    
Pages M Yes All Mac Labs    
Python     Math/CS, Windows    
Sage     Math/CS    
Skype       Yes Yes
SnagIt M & W   CIT   Yes
SPSS M & W   All   Yes
Spartan     Chem    
Text Wrangler     Math/CS    
Visual Studio     Math/CS    
VLC Media Player     All    
Xcode     Math/CS, Merritt 101