Phone and Voicemail

Voip Phone System

Transferring a call directly into someone's voicemail

  • Press the Transfer button.


  • Press the * button on the keypad and then dial the extension of the person you are transferring to.


  • Hang up and the caller will be sent directly to that person's voicemail.

Difference between using DND (Do Not Disturb) and forwarding phone into voicemail:

Both options result in the call going to voicemail. DND silences the ringer so the phone does not ring on your end but the person calling hears the phone ring before going to voicemail. If you use the Fwd All (Forward all) softkey to send calls to ext. 6000 then the incoming call is immediately sent to voicemail (i.e. the person calling does not hear a ring).   

Forwarding voicemail message:

Yes! Since voicemail leaves a message on your phone and also sends an audio file of the message to your email, you have a couple of options for forwarding the voicemail.

Method #1
Forward the email that contains the audio file of the message. While this is the simplest method, it might not be the best option for all recipients, especially if they work in a busy area or share an office with others. Unless the recipient has head phones, others may also be able to hear the message when it is played back.

Method #2
Forward the voicemail message from the phone. After listening to the message, choose Option 5 to forward it to another recipient. If you've already deleted the message you can still forward it by accessing your voicemail and choosing Option 3 to listen to "old messages." Note: If you have elected to permanently erase a voicemail you will not be able to retrieve it again.

Accessing voicemail from another phone or off-campus

  1. Method #1

  2. Call your office phone and press the " * " button once your greeting starts.
  3. Enter your ID + # (your 4-digit extension followed by #) and your PIN + #.
  4. Method #2
    All voicemail messages will also trigger an email that contains an audio file of the message. If you can access email from a computer or mobile device you can retrieve your voicemail messages through email.

  5. Follow the system prompts to retrieve your messages.