Informer is a web-based reporting/business intelligence/dashboard tool produced by Entrinsik.

Informer extends self-service operational reporting and analysis capabilities to end-users to perform real-time analysis of ERP data. To put it plainly, our ERP, Colleague, is really good at taking data in and it holds a wealth of data, but it doesn’t play very nicely when it comes to getting data out. That’s why we have Informer. Informer reaches into the Colleague database and allows us to retrieve data. This allows us to make informed, data-driven decisions.

Here are some of the features of Informer:

  • Informer makes reporting easy. Informer’s interface is intuitive. Its use of drag and drop, and point and click interfaces make reporting possible for ALL users, not just the technically savvy ones. Non-technical users can quickly and easily create, modify, and deliver their own reports based on their customized needs. Ad-hoc queries are easy. Users can answer real-time questions on the fly by filtering data, grouping and sorting, working w/ aggregates, drilling down, working with analytics, and creating graphs.
  • Informer is powerful. Informer delivers real-time data, and is able to provide data from multiple data sources in the same report. Informer allows us to make full use of our data.
  • Informer is secure. Informer has a robust, built-in security framework and role-based permissions that allow a user to access the files and reports that they need to do their jobs, and the protects data from those who do not need access. If you have an Informer account, you can access Informer from the web here on campus. To access Informer from off-campus, in additional to an Informer account, you will also need VPN access.
  • Informer is agile. Informer integrates with other familiar front-end applications including PDF, email, and Excel so your report output can be exported in formats that allow you to analyze and use your data. It’s your data, and Informer gives it to you the way you need to see it. And reports can be scheduled to email to users on an on-going basis, so fresh data is available for the users who need it, when they need it.

Please search the internet for “Entrinsik youtube” for videos that will give you more information.

How to Request an Informer Account:

If you have reporting needs, please contact the Help Desk by calling 410-871-3390 or sending an email to  The Image Now system administrator will be in contact to discuss your needs and see if Informer is the answer for you.  If so, an Informer account will be created for you (with permission from your supervisor) and member of IT will visit you to get you started.  If you need additional assistance or want to learn more about how to use the different features of Informer, please reach out to the IT Help Desk.