ImageNow and WebNow are our document imaging solutions for McDaniel. ImageNow is client-based and is installed on your pc, while WebNow is accessed through the web. ImageNow creates an electronic repository of physical documents. Essentially, physical file cabinets and drawers are converted to electronic file cabinets. With ImageNow, you can scan in a document, add custom fields to the document’s keys, move a document through workflow, digitally store, email and instantly access documents of any type. Documents that are already in digital format can also be captured and stored in ImageNow. Security is robust, and based on a role model, so users only see the documents that they need to see in order to do their jobs. Workflows move documents to the people who need to do work with those documents, and help to automate and simplify that process. Workflows can cross from one office to another, and access to one office’s drawers or document type can be granted to another office’s staff or to an individual, if needed and owning office grants permission.


Client-access is installed on individual pc’s, and web access will be available to users who have accounts that allow them access WebNow. Access to WebNow from off campus will also require VPN.


Special Statement for Mac Users:

ImageNow does not work on a Mac. Mac users will be set up to use WebNow, the web version of ImageNow. With WebNow, you can search and view a document, email the document and work with workflow but cannot capture and link document. 


If you are interested in implementing ImageNow/ WebNow in your office, please put in a ticket to start the process. You will be contacted by IT to start planning the project.