Forwarding Your Work Phone off Campus

If you’re working at home and need to forward your desk phone to an off-campus number, please follow these instructions:
To forward from on campus:
•    Press the Forward button on your phone. You may have to change “pages” (two dots, lower right of screen) to find it.
•    Enter the number you want all calls forwarded to. If this is an off-campus number enter 91 before the phone number. For example, 914105551234.
To forward from off-campus with VPN access:
•    In a browser, while connected to the VPN, go to
•    Login with your McDaniel username and password.
•    Click on call forwarding, on the left.
•    If you have multiple extensions on your phone be sure you have the one you want to forward selected.
•    Check the box next to “Forward all calls to”.
•    From the drop-down menu, select add a new number. If you have previously forwarded your phone to the number you wish to use now, you should be able to select it from the drop-down.
•    Enter the number into the box. If you are forwarding to an off-campus number enter 91 before the phone number. For example, 914105551234.
•    Click the save button.
The self-care portal (the link above) cannot be accessed from off-campus without VPN access. If a campus phone is forwarded to an off-campus number (for example a cell phone) the call completely leaves our phone system. This means that if the caller leaves a message, it will be in the voicemail of the cell phone. There will also be no email for this message since it is not in our voicemail system.
We cannot forward hunt group numbers off-campus.

Accessing campus voicemail from another phone or off-campus

Method #1:

  • Call your office phone and press the " * " button once your greeting starts.
  • Enter your ID + # (your 4-digit extension followed by #) and your PIN + #.
  • Follow the system prompts to retrieve your messages.

Method #2:

  • All voicemail messages will also trigger an email that contains an audio file of the message. If you can access email from a computer or mobile device you can retrieve your voicemail messages through email.

Further documentation for using the campus phone service can be found here